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About SME Aid

SME Aid is a charitable organisation with the objective of supporting eligible SMEs when they encounter certain kinds of problems. Think of SME Aid as a kind of ‘legal aid’ for businesses.

Although they provide a majority of employment within the Malaysian economy, Malaysian SMEs have and continue to be underrepresented in the public space and furthermore, tend to not have easy access to support services and resources that larger, more prominent public-listed entities currently enjoy.

Malaysian SMEs almost always start off as very small entities. These enterprises are funded with small amounts of capital comprising a combination of the business owner’s own savings as well as loans from friends and relatives.

The social and occupational backgrounds of these business owners also vary greatly; this is why SMEs tend to face more challenges and thus, may require a bit of assistance from time to time.

One of the key objectives of SME Aid is to help SMEs and business owners come through particularly tough times, when unforeseen circumstances affect their businesses of themselves.

Simply put, SME Aid is all about lending a helping hand to SME business owners in their times of need.

Why SME Aid?

SMEs form an integral part of the Malaysian economy, contributing to more than one-third of the nation’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP). However, more than 70% of these SMEs operate with no more than five employees. Lending a helping hand to these SMEs from time to time is not only warranted, but necessary.

One of the critical issues facing Malaysian SMEs involve issues of policy and regulation. While there are some laws that are drafted with SMEs in mind, many types of regulation tend not to take into account its real effects of regular SMEs.

While larger businesses are equipped to deal with issues surrounding compliance costs and business operations compliance, these issues may unnecessarily hamper and in fact, might be detrimental to SMEs. This is because SMEs tend to be less equipped to deal with problems and challenges arising out of becoming compliant with certain regulations

To seek assistance, email:

[email protected]

Or call:

Mr Sanjay
Tollfree: 1300 88 6763