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International delegates part of the SME Day celebration

The SME Day which is celebrated on 3rd July 2013, the first Wednesday of the month of July will truly be a day that puts a smile on many Malaysians, especially entrepreneurs. A day set apart to celebrate and recognise the accomplishments of SME owners who are true champions and resilient, economy drivers of the country’s growth, the SME Day is one that is certain to be celebrated even in the coming years.

This year’s celebration which took place in Setia City Convention Centre along with the annually held MALAYSIA SME® Congress which is in its fifth consecutive year had more than a thousand attendees gathered. Mostly entrepreneurs, the celebrated SME owners were representing various industries such as oil and gas, healthcare, entertainment and logistics just to name a few.

A Day coined by Malaysian

Tracing back, the SME Day is the innovation of MALAYSIA SME® group chief editor and CEO Wayne Lim who had embarked on a journey to become the voice of the local entrepreneurs.

According to Lim, the idea of SME Day came as it dawned upon him that while there were many days reserved for various days of celebration such as Father’s Day or Mother’s Day and so on, there was no one day where people commemorated and recognised the achievements and contributions of all the SMEs.

As such, the first Wednesday of the month of July has been remembered as the SME Day ever since. Unlike other holidays which all happen to have international roots, it will certainly be an exciting adventure to see how this local, inaugural remembrance of the SMEs will one day be celebrated across every country. This year’s celebration on the other hand, received support from SME organisations in Indonesia, Hong Kong, Thailand, Australia, Turkey and many others.

Interestingly, the SME Day has also been promoted through a local, theme song which captures the trials and achievements of SMEs. The song entitled ‘Titans of Tomorrow’ was rendered by Lim who was accompanied by the MALAYSIA SME® choir.

“Sometimes it is sufficient for one to remember that a day has been set aside for SME Day. One may not necessarily need to do something, instead sometimes a mere thought of remembering the often-forgotten SME owners would suffice,” added Lim.

“This year, we have shared the SME Day with several countries. We will continue to spread the message of celebrating SME Day throughout Malaysia and that it does not matter how it is celebrated. Our priority is about appreciating SMEs for who they are and their contributions,” said Lim.

Highlights of SME Day 2013
While entrepreneurs and attendees enjoyed a scrumptious set of dishes during the SME Day lunch that was presented by Celcom Berhad  in a smartly-decorated, blue hall;  the excitement and jubilant atmosphere clearly filled the hall. The entire hall was occupied by attendees including SME business who enthusiastically took time to network and share notes on their respective businesses.

While echoes of laughter and silverwares were heard across the hall, the energetic entrepreneurs were also seen to  share some snapshots and exchange name cards. One highlight that took place during the luncheon was the announcement of the winners for the SME Day Greetings Ads which was organised to create awareness of the SME Day and simultaneously enable corporate companies to partner with MALAYSIA SME® in wishing SMEs.

The competition which received good response was won by the Inland Revenue Board Malaysia for the first place, Loob Holding Sdn Bhd (second) and lastly Federal Department of Town Country Planning, who secured the third place. All winners received a trophy, a certificate of appreciation and also a total of RM10,000 worth of advertising.

Next, the lucky draw session which was hosted by Celcom Berhad had 10 lucky winners walking away with a Porta WiFi each. Meanwhile, guests also witnessed the presentation of tokens of appreciation to sponsors of the 2013 MALAYSIA SME® Congress.

All in all, the SME Day 2013 was clearly a success that is true to its cause of recognising SMEs for their accomplishments and contributions. While there may be still a large number of Malaysian entrepreneurs who may have not heard or embraced the celebration of the SME Day, it is our hope that this message would be echoed throughout the years and across the nation one day!