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SME DAY 2013

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SME Day is a celebration honouring SMEs and celebrating the spirit of entrepreneurship.  It is a day dedicated to all SMEs who in fact represent the backbone of the economy, and are undeniably the growth engine for businesses all around the world.  Not only does this day act as a tremendous platform to promote SMEs around the world but more importantly, it creates a greater awareness of the immense contributions of SMEs no matter how small or large to their respective nations.

Dedicating one day to the SMEs and celebrating the national SME day was a humble initiative of Mr. Wayne Lim, the Group Chief Executive Officer of MALAYSIA SME™, Malaysia first and only SME business newspaper. Mr. Lim mooted this idea some time ago, and his team and him have stayed true to championing this noble cause ever since. They have received numerous support and endorsement of many successful SME entrepreneurs, SME-related Chambers of Commerce and Associations and chiefs of business-related government agencies. They finally made their hopes and dreams a reality this year with an SME Day to celebrate the greatness and the enterprising business spirit of SMEs that fuel growth and sustain our economy in many ways.

Mr. Lim’s vision, however, goes beyond Malaysia, and his dream and belief is that the SME Day will become iconic day, which is celebrated regionally and globally.

As Mr. Lim said in his speech: “Besides Malaysia, globally, SMEs also account for 99% of total business establishments and the SMEs are the driving force of the global economy.  Most of the world’s largest enterprises today were once SMEs.  Given the significant number of SMEs, we wish that SME Day will soon be observed and celebrated by hundreds of millions of SMEs worldwide, just as we celebrate Fathers’ Day, Mothers’ Day or Valentine’s Day.”

He believes that all big things have small beginnings and SME Day began with the idea of paying tribute and commemorating all SMEs who truly deserve recognition, as they are the driving force behind our growing economy; and every other flourishing economy, in every country in the world!

Wayne encourages everyone to support this effort together, as it fundamentally celebrates the enterprising spirit both locally and abroad.  Celebrating SME Day is a great way to show our appreciation for the great things that SMEs have brought to us, our nation and the world.

This will be a historic moment, and it will be the beginning of great things to come.   SME Day will stand proud next to all the dedicated days that celebrate greatness, like Labour Day, Mothers’ Day, Fathers’ Day, and more.  

SME Day is now a reality and it will be celebrated every single year on the first Wednesday of July!